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The Safe Cig Electronic Cigarette Reviews :: YOU Be The JUDGE!

The Safe Cig

Safe Cig

Case Notes

Founded: 2008
Kit Price From: $66.45 w/Coupon
Flavors: n/a
Nicotine Levels: 4 (0-18mg)
Delivery Time: 1-3 Days
Our Reader's Discount: 5%
Discount Code: GOSAFE
Overall Rating:
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The Safe Cig offers both electronic cigarettes and a disposable electronic cigar, which is called The Safe Cigar. According to the Safe Cig website, each of the refill cartridges for their electronic cigarette lasts the same amount of time as 2 packs of tobacco cigarettes. The Safe Cigar lasts about the same amount of time as 10 traditional, high-quality cigars.

The Safe Cig e-cig

When you purchase the e-cigarette refill cartridges from the Safe Cig website, you get 5 refill cartridges for $12.50. So, each refill cartridge costs $2.50 and will last approximately the same amount of time as 2 packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes. Safe Cig offers 3 flavors of e-cigarette cartridges and each flavor is available in 4 different nicotine strengths as well. Each refill cartridge comes with a fresh atomizer which is disposed of along with the cartridge after use.


  • The Starter Kit Pro – $89.95
  • Special Bundle Package – $137.95
  • The Safe Cigar – $59.95
  • 5 Atomized E-Cig Refill Cartridges – $12.50
  • Battery – $29.95
  • Car/USB Combo Charger – $19.95
  • USB Charger – $15.95
  • Home/USB Combo Charger – $19.95
  • The Safe Case (carrying case) – $12.95

Important Facts:

  • Safe Cig Cartridge Flavors – Classic Tobacco, Marl, Menthol
  • Safe Cig Cartridge Nicotine Levels – 0mg, 11mg, 14mg, 18mg
  • Safe Cig offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.
  • Safe Cig offers free shipping.
  • Safe Cig has a lifetime warranty on all parts.
  • Safe Cig battery charge lasts 5 to 7 hours, depending on amount of use.
What Now?

1. Read The Buyers Guide >

Buyers GuideGet the exclusive inside track before you buy from The Safe Cig.

2. View User Reviews >

User ReviewsDon't take our word for it, see what others are saying about The Safe Cig.

3. Visit Their Website >

Visit SiteHave a look around The Safe Cig's Website and make a purchase >

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12 User Reviews

  1. Serena Hinesley says:

    Completely brought me around to the idea of ecigs. Tried my buddies cheap unit and didn’t like it, tried these and had to get one for myself.

  2. Al Weyant says:

    These guys are at the top of the game in my opinion. It’s just everything about them seems to be quality, from the amount of vapour they produce to the weight in your hand. It just has that solid feel about them. There are cheaper brands out their but you pay ¾ of the price for 10% of the quality imo. My wife bought my Safe Cig as a stocking filler for Christmas as I had bought a few other e-cigs in the past but had long since given up on them. Only thing I would say that the juice is a bit week on some of the flavors but I only tend to switch these up a few times a month.

  3. hunni_bunny says:

    Good. V.Helpful too, helped me when I set the wrong delivery address and got a reply in a few minutes :).

  4. Scott Lemond-Bales says:

    Safe Cig is my ecig of choice, hands down! Wish they had a few more flavors but i only like a flavored cartridge every now and then so not a big deal!

  5. Lincoln says:

    Have read good reviews on SC on a few blogs and other review sites It seems like they get good scores across the web! Tried for myself after trying a disposable ecig at the bar. This is way better, more real!

  6. kalpia says:

    Only been using them for a little over a week but so far I like them, they’ve helped me cut down on smoking by about 90%. Shipping was fast, product seems to be of high quality, and after a couple of cartridges you get used to the different feel in your mouth and throat. Like most I’d like to see them cheaper but I guess everyone has to make a living. I’d recommend them to any smoker as a good substitute. Excellent Christmas gift from my wife too!

  7. 15yr-Smoker says:

    I have only had it for a day now, but I am really impressed so far. Still looking to see if a refill really lasts as long as 2 packs of std smokes. If so, this is a winner. The build is really impressive, a bit heavy on the lips, but solid. About as big around as a Camel Wide, and as long as a 100.

    The case is kinda flimsy, but it does the job of protecting your ecig, an extra battery, and 2 extra refills.

    The draw is a bit different than a std smoke. You have to take a slow, long drag for best vapor production. Consistency of drag is key. If you try to hotbox it, you won’t get much out. If you have ever smoked an Eclipse cig, it’s that kind of drag. In fact, it reminds me of an Eclipse quite a bit. But, it does taste better. I chose Traditional 18mg. I usually smoke an indian cig that is equivilent to a Marboro Red 100. This is lighter than that, but quite satisfying and a heck of a lot cheaper over time if it lasts like they say. The precharged battery has lasted me all day so far, good on them for that.

    The new packaging is top notch. Just like unboxing an iPod. You can tell that they put A LOT of development and care into this cig.

    I wish the “ash” end looked a bit more realistic. That’s a real nitpick, but it would exude quality if they worked on that bit a little more.

    The charging options with the deluxe kit I bought are awesome. If you run out of power with three batteries and three different ways to charge it, you are trying too. Would be nice to see a battery charger powered by a bigger battery for hiking, but that can be done in other ways since it charges off 5v USB just fine.

    I would like more selection of flavors. Not candy flavors, necessarly, but differnt tobacco blends. And I do want a filterless, punch you in the mouth flavor option. One that kinda tastes like it has been burnt, even though we all know it wasn’t.

    So far it’s been most of the stuff I LOVE about being a smoker, without the part where you stink and die fom it. Good deal, if you ask me.

    I haven’t had a craving for a “real” smoke all day. It really does satisfy.

  8. Adam Fields says:

    I have tried every E-cig out there. Ive done it all, dripping,carts,filling clear-o-mizers,filling cart-o-mizers,Joy,Green,Volcano,etc,etc,510,kanger…you name it. Thats just the models. I have had all kinds of liquids too. I really dont care for all the dumb flavors others offer, I used to smoke Marlboro Ultra-Lights. THE SAFE CIG IS THE BEST EVER!!!! I have noticed that other ecigs make me sick. They make my heart beat hard and put me out of breath. And they taste like willy wonka crap. !!!!!!!BUT THE SAFE CIG HAS THE BEST TASTING, CLEANEST WAY OF VAPING. NO MESSY LIQUIDS. NO LIQUID IN MY MOUTH. NO B.S.
    I admit that they are expensive, and I hate the fact that they dont have shipping with FED-EX or UPS, shipping with USPS is horrible! However in the end its worth it!!! They taste great! I dont feel like crap when use them! They are clean to use! Nicely packaged!
    If your gonna get an E-cig, get The Safe Cig. Seriously, all the other $#i% out there sucks!

  9. Mudfishin says:

    It’s all about the draw. A short and weak pull will produce nothing. A good long drag not only cuts out the throat-zap you’ll get when you start using an e-cig, but it’s as near to a full lung hit as you could possibly get. After 30 years of smoking I went from rolling about 15 American Sprits a day to 4 on my first day with the safecig. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. For now it’s the greatest investment I’ve ever made in my children’s lives. And it’s so realistic I have to remind myself not to use the lighter.

  10. VapinItUp says:

    I usually do not write in to sites to tell about my experience but I had to do it with The Safe Cig. It was simply a flawless transaction from start to finish. I enjoyed their website, it is the best one I have seen from ANY e cig company, I enjoyed the ordering process, Loved the speed of shipment, and the price was perfect. Once I got my kit, I charged it up and it feels like I have not put down my e cig yet. I want to thank the Safe Cig and tell them they have a loyal customer in me!

  11. Lynda D. Hough says:

    Most people would consider less flavors a bad thing, but to me it is a good thing. The Safe Cig makes REALLY good tobacco cartridges and that is the flavor I want. I didn’t smoke cherry cigarettes, they were Marlboro Lights and for me, The Safe Cig is my favorite!

  12. Brian C. says:

    My Buddy told me about The Safe Cig and I wasn’t sure if I wanted that or Green Smoke. I did a lot of research and it sounded like The Safe Cig was a better fit for me, based on Price and it was well worth the cost. I got the black battery and black cartridges and this thing is stylish now with the Blue LED to top it all off! Don’t hesitate on The Safe Cig, you will be sorry if you pass them up!

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