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Smoke Tip Electronic Cigarette Reviews :: YOU Be The JUDGE!

Smoke Tip

SmokeTip Electronic Cigarette

Case Notes

Founded: 2008
Kit Price From: $59.95
Flavors: n/a
Nicotine Levels: 4 (0-16mg)
Delivery Time: 1-3 Days
Our Reader's Discount: Free Shipping
Discount Code: n/a
Overall Rating:
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SmokeTip claims to have the most advanced electronic cigarette on the market today. The two-piece design of the SmokeTip electronic cigarette means that each refill cartridge comes with its own atomizer. SmokeTip has invented what they call the “Eazy-Drag System,” which they say ensures that every puff will give the same, effortless drag.

Smoke Tip e-cig

The SmokeTip electronic cigarette starter kit is very affordable compared to starter kits that are manufactured by several other e-cigarette companies. The SmokeTip starter kit sells for $59.95 and includes everything needed to make the switch to e-cigarettes.

The SmokeTip e-cigarette refill cartridges come in a pack of 10 cartridges for $19.95. So, each refill cartridge costs about $2.00 and the SmokeTip cartridges are roughly the equivalent of 1.25 packs of tobacco cigarettes. The SmokeTip cartridges can also be purchased in bulk, making the cartridges even less expensive. When you purchase the SmokeTip starter kit, you can choose between Regular or Menthol flavored cartridges. However, when purchasing refill cartridges, you can choose from 12 flavors of cartridges and each flavor is available in 4 nicotine strengths.

SmokeTip Product Offerings:

  • SmokeTip Electronic Cigarette Kits
  • Smoke Tip Refill Cartridges
  • Smoke Tip Travel Charger Cases
  • Smoke Tip USB Passthroughs
  • Smoke Tip Batteries

The Evidence:

  • Flavors: Regular, Marlboro Flavor, Menthol, Almond, Apple, Chocolate, Cherry, Clove, Strawberry, Coffee, Peach, Vanilla, and more
  • Nicotine Levels: 0-16mg
  • Guaranty Offered: 30 day no question money back guarantee
  • Shipping Cost: Free
  • Warranty Period: Lifetime on batteries
What Now?

1. Read The Buyers Guide >

Buyers GuideGet the exclusive inside track before you buy from Smoke Tip.

2. View User Reviews >

User ReviewsDon't take our word for it, see what others are saying about Smoke Tip.

3. Visit Their Website >

Visit SiteHave a look around Smoke Tip's Website and make a purchase >

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8 User Reviews

  1. Rosie Whitehurst says:

    Had mine for just over a week, arrived in 2 days as promised and was easy to get going. Taste is great and really impressed seeing as this is my first e-cigarette. Already down to have a couple of normal cigarettes per day, which is why I bought it. Already recommended to several friends.

  2. SuperJeff says:

    When I chose smoke tip I was looking for just something solid to get me started with e-cigarettes. I wanted something that just worked, delivered fast and had a decent reputation for looking after their customers. Searching around Some tip seemed to meet this. Despite my average expectations, their product is brilliant, they ship & deliver when they say they will and the short dealings I’ve had with them have been great. Cartridges are great and I’m currently on a mission to try every flavour. Batteries could last a bit longer, but I guess I’m what you would consider a heavy user.

  3. Jessica says:

    Had mine for a week now, and I love it!
    Literally came to my door in two days, free shipping. I got the starter kit and the variety cartridge pack.

    I love the flavor options. The ease of pull is good, the vapor is great. If any complaint…the battery seems to go pretty fast. But hey..thats why I have two batteries and a charger! 🙂

  4. Colleen says:

    Smoked since I was 17, don’t want to say how long ago that was…the day I got my SmokeTip I threw out my last half pack of cigs. I plugged in the first battery to charge and haven’t looked back. I have a Freudian oral fixation and the reason I couldn’t quite with a patch was I like to have something in my hand, going to my mouth, and the smoke. I used to bite my fingernails and chew on my pens, this would have started again with the patch. But the SmokeTip is like smoking. It’s heavy, like holding a heavy pen, so I hold it like a cigar. When I get the urge for a real cig, I make sure I have a charged battery and a new cartridge and the feeling goes away. Nicotine by itself isn’t any worse for you than caffeine. This gives you the Nicotine, the drag, the holding a cig feeling….it’s been 3wks and I haven’t even THOUGHT of buying a pack of real cigs. 17 years. Never would have believed it. Also, I thought I would like the Marlboro taste the best, I don’t go for flavors, but their’s are so subtle I really like the vanilla and cherry and choclate. Have already ordered more even though I’m not even half through what I originally ordered. This is the true way to stop smoking guys. Also, I wanted the black cigarette with a blue glowing tip, which I couldn’t find when I originally ordered. So when they emailed my receipt I replied what I wanted and they made sure that came with the original order. Excellent customer service. I’ve been telling everyone how great this e-cig is and the customer service.

  5. TJ says:

    Got everything I needed for $60 with free shipping. It was a no-brainer and I recommend the same to anyone else looking for an authentic tasting e cigarette

  6. Damon G says:

    SmokeTip is a relief in a world of options for e cigarettes. They make it easy to find the right kit because they only make one kit and it is amazing. It works perfectly and makes life great. They have a lot of flavor options that keep me feeling like I am trying out a whole new cigarette.

  7. Sonya Pratt says:

    SmokeTip is a strong product, I just wish their customer service was a little bit better. Most of the people you get when you call in are great, but there are a couple people who leave something to be desired.

  8. Jerry Smith says:

    I am a 30 year plus smoker. I had a health scare so I purchased the Smoke Tip. Its was suggested by my doctor that I try an electronic cigarette instead of the patch or the gum. Its been a month and I haven’t even had the erg to light one up. I just flew back from a Business trip from China. It was pretty nice smoking for 13 hours on a plane and being relaxed. I did not make it obvious of coarse. I never respond to surveys or write reviews but I felt that it was owed to Smoke Tip to write this. I can tell you that the Direct ECig is not the route to go unless you would like a surprise charge of $120.00 on your next bill and a delivery of product that you never ordered. Free Trial, I am sure you know where I am going with this! Only $4.95 for shipping and handling and the product is free, not a chance! I would like to mention one other very important fact. There is a young lady by the name of Kristi in customer service at Smoke Tip. She is UNBELIEVABLE!! If you want to quit or even think you should try and quit for $60.00 I thinks its worth your life and a try. Feeling pretty good and its only been a month. So like I said, if you are thinking about it, it’s worth a shot. Good Luck!

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