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Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Reviews :: YOU Be The JUDGE!

Green Smoke

Green Smoke

Case Notes

Founded: 2008
Kit Price From: $98.10 w/ coupon
Flavors: 7
Nicotine Levels: 5 (0–16mg)
Delivery Time: ND/1-5 Days
Our Reader's Discount: 15%
Discount Code: POTOGOLD
Overall Rating:
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Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes are one of the longest standing brands of e-cigs in the United States. They started back in 2008 with their two piece model that features zero maintenance. Their e-cig offers huge clouds of vapor packed in a small unit. Green Smoke also has one of the best customer service departments compared to any other electronic cigarette brand out there. They stand behind their product with a 30 day money back guaranty, Free Shipping on orders over $25, and even offer a one year warranty on their product. All that combined with the other factors listed below makes Green Smoke a solid buy and you will not be disappointed!


GreenSmoke e-cigarette refill cartridges cost $14.95 for a five pack. They equal approximately one pack of cigarettes per cartridge, which means you will only be paying $2.99 for a pack of cigarettes when you cross over to their eCig. The cartridges come in six different flavors that are sure to please almost any smoker out there. The Green Smoke Starter Kits pay for themselves very fast because of the low price of the cartridges. If you are looking for consistency, quality, brand strength, and a huge amount of vapor, you should make the Judgment to buy Green Smoke E-Cigarettes. Be sure to come back and be the Judge for the rest of jury after you use your Green Smoke Starter Kit by submitting your user review!

GreenSmoke e-cig

Green Smoke Starter Kits and Accessories:

  • GreenSmoke Basic e-Cig Starter Kit
  • GreenSmoke Social Smoker e-Cig Starter Kit
  • GreenSmoke Love Birds e-Cig Starter Kit
  • GreenSmoke USB eCigarette
  • Green Smoke Atomized E-Cigarettes Refill Cartomizers
  • Green Smoke Spare Batteries
  • Portable Charging Case (PCC)
  • Green Smoke Carrying Case

The Evidence:

  • Flavors Offered: Absolute Tobacco, Menthol Ice, Mocha Mist, Vanilla Dreams, Smooth Chocolate, Red Label Tobacco
  • Strengths Offered: 0mg, 4mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg
  • Product Guarantee: 30 days money back guarantee
  • Shipping Cost: Free
  • Warranty: 1 Year from date of purchase
What Now?

1. Read The Buyers Guide >

Buyers GuideGet the exclusive inside track before you buy from Green Smoke.

2. View User Reviews >

User ReviewsDon't take our word for it, see what others are saying about Green Smoke.

3. Visit Their Website >

Visit SiteHave a look around Green Smoke's Website and make a purchase >

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13 User Reviews

  1. Carlene Fearon says:

    I’ve had my greensmoke since may and really not had any problem with it. Battery is still holding the charge really well after nearly 6 months, which I’ve had issues with in the past with other brands. Cartridges a little on the expensive side, but are always delivered really fast.

  2. Darren82 says:

    Nearly been using my GS unit for a year now, only issue I’ve had is with some of the taste changes to the cartridges. Was fine, but then the tobacco one seemed to taste a bit odd. When I emailed them they apologised and said that they had recently switched manufacturer and sent me some other flavors free to try. Thanks Green Smoke!

  3. Sellars_62 says:

    These are good but I’ve had to switch back to my old njoy unit as I can’t really afford the cartridges that often. That being said you get what you pay for, just wish they were a bit cheaper.

  4. Allan Calcote says:

    For me Greensmoke are the apple of electronic cigarettes, always ahead of the curve and create products that actually seem desirable to own. Like most things in life you get what you pay for…and for me these guys are quality.

  5. Salena G says:

    Great value for what you pay! I see a few reviews around about the cost of GS and it is too expensive but I’ve tried some cheaper e-cigs and they don’t last as long or don’t taste as authentic. I get great hits and taste and the cartridges last a long time too. Really not much I can complain about here 🙂

  6. Marissa Green says:

    GS only drawback is the cost of the starter kit……..love everything about the actual product! Most realistic vapor hit, not quite like my old tobacco cigs but then again I don’t feel awful every morning either any more.

  7. Tyler Owens says:

    My buddies and I have played poker every Tuesday night since we were in college. A couple of us used to puff on cigars while we played and a couple of us smoked cigarettes all throughout college. Now we are a bit older and I have a wife and kids. So, when it is my turn to have the guys over for poker, I have had to tell them to go smoke outside. One of my friends brought over an e-cig though last year and convinced me to let him try it in the house. My wife had no idea that he had an e-cig even though she was right in the other room!

    So, now e-cigs have become a part of our poker ritual and for us, Green Smoke is the best e-cig money can buy!

  8. Mark Tisdale says:

    Been smoking since 15 years old. My kids nag me to quit, my wife bought us the Love Bird kit so we could both quit. The jury is still out and we both still have a regular cig here and there, but I think this will work. If we can’t quit, at least hopefully we can switch to these.

  9. Carriezze says:

    I’ve been a smoker for 19 years and had moved my way up to a pack a day. Ugh. I really wanted to quit to save my lungs but I enjoy smoking and am addicted to the habit as much as the nicotine. Some people bite their nails, I smoke. A friend had an e-cig and offered me a drag. Seemed close enough to the real thing.
    I researched online and found Green Smoke had the highest ratings followed closely by The Safe Cig, Premium Electronic Cigs and V2 cigs. Green Smoke was the most expensive and the third I’ve tried and my favorite. I’ll get into Green Smoke in a second, first let me say The Safe Cig is a good e-cig. Good battery, long lasting cartomizers, good price, fast shipping. The flavor was a little odd but still ok. Good enough to get me off traditional smokes for sure! Premium had fast shipping and a good price but the e-cig wasn’t so great. The flavors were off, the batteries weak, and the throat hit weak.
    Then along comes my Green Smoke. Wow! The flavor is really good. I’m using the Absolute Tobacco flavor right now and it’s awesome. A little hint of sweetness at the end. I hear the Red is more like a cigarette. I also have the vanilla, chocolate and strawberry and tested them – yummy as well. Never thought I’d like flavored cigs. Something about it being water vapor instead of smoke, i don’t know. Just fun to try out.
    I do wish the drag was easier to pull. I unscrewed it a tiny bit and that helped. Give me a couple days and I’ll be used to the draw and it won’t matter.
    Totally worth the extra money to go with Green Smoke. I really should’ve just went with the highest rated in the beginning and saved myself some money trying the others. You know how everyone has their own brand of cigarettes? Mine was Camel Lights and then Camel Turkish Silver, so does everyone have their own favorite e-cig. I recommend Green Smoke.
    I’ve been off traditional smokes for a month now. Tried one again a couple weeks ago and snuffed it out after one drag. The smell and taste was bad. Hurray for e-cigs I say! Sure quitting is the best thing for us, but this works for me. Much healthier for myself and those around me.
    Sorry for the long review! And sorry for any typo’s.

  10. Jay says:

    Alright, so I received my Green Smoke e-cig starter kit about a week ago. I wanted to write this review because when I was researching e-cigs there seemed to be a lot of Green Smoke “affiliates” writing seemingly biased reviews of this product. This is my experience thus far with this product. I am in no way affiliated with the company and am not being compensated in any way for writing this review. This is my first and only experience with e-cigs so I will not be comparing this brand to others, but rather to real cigarettes.

    Now for the review:
    For starters, shipping took about 5 business days which is pretty fast considering I’m on the west coast and the company is located in Florida. Everything came as advertised, no surprises is a good thing. I charged the smaller of the two batteries first which took about 2.5 hours (the batteries come somewhat charged). I put on the cartridge and began vaping. The vapor produced is at least as much, if not more than a regular cig. The flavors that I chose taste really good (absolute tobacco and “red” tobacco) they taste better to me than the real thing, but similar enough to trick your brain into smoking satisfaction. Both of the batteries seem to last about as long as it takes them to charge. The smaller one lasts about 3-4 hours and the larger one about 5-6.5 hours depending on how much you are puffing. Charging time for the larger battery is much longer than advertised, but it lasts a long time as well so I can’t really complain. The look and feel of the e-cig is slightly larger and heavier than a regular cig, but the resistance to the“drag” feels almost exactly the same.

    The cartridges really could not be any simpler to change, just unscrew and discard. I have had no problems with partially used cartridges leaking or with the liquid inside getting into my mouth or anything like that. My purpose in trying these was to quit smoking real cigs, and I’m very happy to say that during the last week that I have had my Green Smoke cigs, I have only smoked a couple of the analog ones. I decided to start with a high dose of nicotine for the first 10 cartridges (24mg) so that my brain could get used to the e-cigs and I’m glad that I did because although you do get nicotine and you do inhale and exhale vapor which looks like smoke, you do not get nearly the same “throat hit” from these as you would from a regular cig. I found myself craving this “throat hit” and trying to take huge pulls from the e-cig so that I would feel it. That being said, after only a week my body has gotten used to the e-cigs and now I do feel the throat hit more than I did in the first few days, its just not as noticeable as a real cig (which is good because I assume that the “throat hit” from a regular cig is much more damaging to your throat).

    The cartridges seem to last somewhere around ¾ of what a regular pack would last, although I think I’m smoking the e-cigs more than I smoked regular ones (I smoked a pack a day for 15 years) because I can smoke them anywhere lol. The biggest problem that I am having with my e-cigs is trying to juggle smoking as much as I want to, with keeping at least one battery charged. I’m thinking of getting the USB pass through so I can save my batteries when I’m home. I know that this brand is more expensive than most of the others on the market, but from what I can tell so far, this is a quality product. That coupled with the 30 day money back guarantee and the one year warranty in my opinion make the product worth the money. All in all, I am very pleased with the product and feel really confident that I will not be killing myself with the regular cancer sticks anymore. Happy vaping!!!

  11. Allan Nath says:

    I ordered the Green Smoke Lovebirds Kit for my wife and I and we are proud to say we haven’t looked back. We have saved hundreds of dollars in our first couple months with Green Smoke. We were spending 7 a pack per day for each of us, so over $400 a month in cigarettes! The Green Smoke Kits were well worth the price and there was hardly a wait at all with their fast shipping!!!

  12. Ted P says:

    I love everything about Green Smoke except I only wish they had more flavors. However, the huge amounts of vapor and the throat hit make up for it, I’ll never switch away from GS!

  13. Mike S says:

    Green Smoke is the king of vapor. I know you have heard it from other people, but it really does wow you to see how much vapor comes out every time! All my friends want one now that I have been showing it off and I was able to tell them about your site and the 10% discount, so thanks for saving me money!

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