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News | E-Cigarette Judge

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The Safe Cig Launch New Black Battery

The Safe Cigs New Black Electronic Cigarette BaterryWe absolutely love the Safe Cig at ecig judge, so we were really excited to hear about the launch of their new black battery. The original TSC white battery is one of the finest electronic cigarette batteries we have come across. It’s long lasting, holds its charge really well and provides a really good amount of vapor.

By the sounds of things this isn’t just another white e-cig battery that’s just had a cheap paint job either. I’ve used black batteries before that tend to start peeling after a few months of use. From the details on The Safe Cig’s site they’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that this won’t happen. Taking a lesson from the car industry manufacturing process, each battery is fine painted to ensure what is probably the best looking electronic cigarette we’ve seen yet.

There are a few downsides to the new black battery however. TSC have decided not to produce any of their standard refill cartridges in black. Instead they sell a special set of ‘Reload’ stickers that quickly cover their existing e-cigarette cartridges. Although those of you with a large selection of these already purchased will be happy at this solution, I can’t help thinking that it is slightly inconvenient for what is meant to be a high end electronic cigarette product. Also at $39.95 it certainly is an expensive purchase for most of us and will probably only appeal to more experienced vapers.

Despite the price and the cartridge ‘solution’ we’ll certainly be purchasing one. Expect our normal entertaining review soon!

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Did Electronic Cigarettes Really Crash CES 2011 in Las Vegas?

Ces 2001 LogoTheir seems to be quite a buzz around the e-cig community on the net the past few days about the fact that Electronic Cigarettes were on display CES 2011. If you’re not a gadget freak, CES or the Consumer Electronic Show, is the electronic industries annual buzz and trend event. It takes a look at look new innovations and pretty much the future of what we’ll be spending are hard earned money on. All the big names attend from Microsoft to Apple, Sony to Samsung. Many niche electronic companies also attend and, the possibly exciting bit for us, according to some reports Electronic Cigarettes were at the party too.

The Judge sadly couldn’t convince its bank manager that we needed a week’s trip to Las Vegas.  However we did take a quick look around the Exhibitor Directory of the show to see what the true story was. Despite hearing about many e-cig brands that were allegedly there, sadly, we could only find 2 American companies and a handful of manufacturers and distributors from China. Although this might seem like a glass half empty way of looking at things, the impact of electronic cigarettes would have been slightly limited.

Firstly I’ve seen a lot new/little brands claiming to ‘be there’. I thought this would be those companies displaying maybe new exciting electronic cigarette products that they had been developing themselves. However it appears that these brands are just taking credit for their Chinese Manufacturer being there. Now a lot of high quality e-cigs are made there (and some not so good) , but I should think they have a stand at CES just to look for more distribution opportunities. This is why you see quite a lot smaller brands with generic e-cigarettes which are essentially the same equipment with a different logo on it.

Ok, so about the American e-cig guys that were actually there? First up we have Smoke Anywhere, which actually goes by the more infamous name of Smoke 51 electronic cigarettes. Now I’m going to put aside our bias here, because we have a friend who had nothing but trouble from this company, and actually look at what they had to offer. The directory says they were displaying a range of disposable electronic cigarettes. Now these are a great way of catching the casual smoker in gas stations, and may encourage a few of them to look at better brands and become proper vapers. However they are hardly the future of electronic cigarettes? By definition they have to be cheaply made because they only get used once, so are usually of a very low standard. Not to mention the waste they produce as very few I’ve seen can actually be recycled. So nothing game changing e-cig wise here either.

Here is a video of a guy getting exciting about Karma Electronic Cigarettes, the other American company that were exhibiting at CES. Nothing really exciting here either other than maybe the promo girl’s hypnotizing white teeth (honestly amazing dental work!). The guy’s reaction to the stand reminds me of people seeing those e-cigs stalls at the mall. Smokers tend to be really exited the first time they see an electronic cigarette, I know I certainly was. But just like the stand at the mall, this appears to just a disappointing below par e-cig too. No mentions of any game changers here, in fact it reminds me of a slighter cheaper version of Blu Cigs.

Now I know some of you will dislike this piece for getting on the back of some positive PR for electronic cigarettes. However we believe that this should be earned rather than spun into a non story, which is basically just a sales tactic to sell what are probably some very average electronic cigarettes. We have heard that some of the bigger names are really putting in some research and development into their products, The Safe Cig & Smoke Tip in particular. So hopefully in the coming years we’ll see some positive, and moreover worthy, stories coming from tech shows like this about e-cigs.

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Our Top 5 Electronic Cigarette Kits to kick off 2011

Best e-cigs 2011
The New Year’s here, the holiday decorations are back in storage and your long list of resolutions are made. Like most things in life, when change is abound it can be hard to find that first positive step in the right direction. So why not start off your 2011 with a great new electronic cigarette?

Here at The Judge we’ve received a number of requests asking the best e-cig starter kit to kick off 2011 with. So we put our heads together and compiled a list of our top 5 kits to help you make those first tentative steps into the world of e-cigarettes. Maybe you’re new to e-cigs or you’ve tried electronic cigarettes before, these kits form some of the best reviewed by our visitors in the past 6 months. These kits are what our visitors believe to be the cream of the crop of the best kits out there and we certainly don’t disagree with them.

They are also all from brands highly regarded by our visitors for customer service, which is perfect when you’re just getting started. You want your new e-cig delivered fast and need a company you can trust to answer that quick phone call or email to help you with that little question you have when you’re new anything, including electronic cigarettes.

Premium e-cigWe’ve also been bargain hunting to only find the basic e-cigs kits that will get you started e-smoking for the cheapest prices around. Although great value can be found in some more of the expensive kits and actually save you money in the long term, if you’re anything like us then your bank balance takes a while to recover after an expensive period of gift giving. Also no one wants to throw money at something new and unfamiliar without trying something out first. Which is why we have only chosen to select the electronic cigarette kits that will help you kick you off 2011 in the cheapest way possible.

So here is Ecig Judge’s top 5 Kits top get you started with e-smoking in 2011. Please remember to come back and let us know how you got on with your new electronic cigarette and leave us a quick review on the site when you’ve had the chance to use your e-cig kit for a few weeks.


1# The Safe Cig Standard Kit

The Safe Cig is without doubt the finest e-cig available in US today and our readers agree. We’ve hardly heard anything negative about them in the 6 months we’ve been taking reviews from you guys. Their standard Starter kit contains all the bare necessities needed to start e-smoking. One battery, wall and usb charger and a 5 pack of e-cig refill cartridges of your choice. At $69.99 this is the smallest e-cigarette kit they supply, but the quality is up their as pace setter in the industry. We have a regular contributor who swears by the classic tobacco flavor as the finest e-cig flavour available.

2# Green Smoke Social Smoker Kit

We were in two minds if we should include this kit because it’s slightly on the pricey side (hold your breath… $109). Unfortunately Green Smoke don’t really do discount electronic cigarettes; however the feedback we’ve received from our visitors in 2010 suggests that they’re worth every cent. The social kits is a pretty standard e-cigarette affair including one battery, your wall and usb charger and a 5 pack of cartridges which contains a range of 4 great flavors for you to try.

They are also offering a cool NFL play-off challenge competition this month. Pick your team and the further they progress the larger e-cig discount voucher you’ll receive. If you’re team reaches the final and you’re the closes to the final score you’ll be the receiver of a shiny new apple ipod. (Santa/my wife forgot mine this holiday, so I’m definitely going to enter!).

3# Blu Cigs E-cig Starter Kit

The Blu Cigs kit is probably the best value electronic cigarette on this list. After dealing with some customer service issues that provided some bad PR all over the web, from your reviews they seem to be finally getting their act together. This e-cig kit is stunning in its sheer content, which includes their famous personal charging pack, 2 batteries, 2 atomizers, USB & Wall charger and now 25 free cartridges. That’s quite a package and not to mention in our opinion they have one of the best looking electronic cigarettes on the market. Just $59.99!

4# Premium Electronic Cigarettes Pocket Kit

Premium has one of the largest selections of e-cigarette kits available among our user’s top brands. Our team had some trouble agreeing on just one, but finally decided on the PR111 kit. The PR111 version gets the best feedback about these guy but it is slight more expensive that their other e-cig battery option (hence why we had to think hard about selecting it). According to you guys Premium have a name they can back up as truly being ‘premium’ and this kit is their entry level electronic cigarette kit. It includes: 1 Battery, Wall & USB charger and choice of 6 cartridges in the flavour and strength of your choice. All this can be yours for $54.95 which is probably the average price in this list.

5# SmokeTip Electronic Cigarette Kit

Smoketip are probably are most solid performer in our reviews in the last 6 months. Users say they provide an excellent product at this price point for an electronic cigarette. For a cent under $60 you can get two e-cig batteries, 6 refill cartridges and the normal selection of chargers. Their easy drag system also provides a great and realistic smoke, so this is a worthy inclusion into top 5 to start 2011, especially for those looking to move from traditional cigarettes!

So that concludes our run down of 5 perfect kit to get your new year with a bang, try out e-cigs and finally start to chalk off one of those resolutions. We hope you enjoy this list and we look forward to your honest and candid reviews once you’ve taken your chosen kit for a test drive.

Happy 2011!

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